Why Supplement Glutamine?

Why Supplement Glutamine?

Glutamine is one of the most versatile health, fitness and bodybuilding supplements available. It has a large variety of different benefits which make it extremely useful.


Glutamine can greatly decrease recovery times for those who train in weightlifting or other athletics. It is one of the most common bodybuilding supplements and it’s used by virtually all professional bodybuilders


Glutamine’s healing benefits are so powerful that it’s used in hospitals to treat burns, wounds and for post surgical patients. Glutamine is the major amino acid lost in any tissue injury implying it has a great impact in recovery.


Glutamine is the most prescribed ulcer treatment in Asia, yet in the western hemisphere many people have no idea that it’s even an available option.


Glutamine makes up over two thirds of the free from amino acids in the muscle tissue making it the most anti-catabolic supplement available. In other words it prevents the breakdown of muscle tissue.

Supplementing glutamine

Glutamine is found in foods that contain protein however to experince the benefits of glutamine you will need to supplement it, as its healing properties are only present in amounts 2 to 7 times greater than in healthy persons.



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