Tribulus Terrestris extract

Tribulus Terrestris extract

Tribulus Terrestris is an herb that comes from a flowering plant that has been used in other cultures for centuries. It was popularized in North America in the 1970’s by American IFBB bodybuilding champion Jeffrey Petermann. The claim is that this herb can increase the amount of free testosterone in males and thereby increase sex drive as well as muscle strength and size.

There have been multiple studies done that show that tribulus has little to no effect on testosterone levels on humans, however, studies show it to significantly increase the testosterone levels in animals. Some bodybuilders still use it for PCT (post cycle therapy) to increase natural testosterone levels after the use of anabolic steroids.

Although this supplement is commonly marketed for its muscle-building properties, it has been used longer and more commonly as a supplement to aid in erectile dysfunction, infertility, and low libido. Tribulus is also used for kidney problems, including kidney stones, skin disorders, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. The effectiveness of tribulus on all of these conditions is still questionable.

Tribulus Terrestris for women

Tribulus Terrestris is a safe supplement for women and has been used to boost libido in women as well as men. Again, the effectiveness of this herbal supplement is questionable, however, its popularity leads me to believe that it does work to some degree, at least as a libido booster. To be safe, however, pregnant women should not use this supplement.

Tribulus Terrestris dosage

Tribulus supplements usually provide around 200 to 1000 mg per serving and are usually taken one to three times daily with food.

Tribulus Terrestris side effects

Since many supplements like tribulus are not regulated by the FDA, the benefits and side effects of such supplements are not well known.

There have been no serious or common side effects associated with the use of tribulus. There have been no long-term studies conducted on tribulus, and possible long-term side effects are unknown. Always be sure to use herbal supplements as directed.

Tribulus Terrestris review

This is a supplement with a lack of evidence for its proposed benefits. I always recommend avoiding supplements that fall into this category. Using supplements backed by clinical results is a much smarter, safer, and more efficient way to spend your money.


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