Top Supplements for Muscle Gain

The most important supplements when it comes to packing on muscle are protein amino acids (which are the building blocks of protein) and pre-workout supplements which usually contain energy enhancing formulas.

The supplement categories can be broken down into a two major groups. You have your pre-workout and your post-workout supplements. The most important time to use supplements is right before and after working out because your body will get the most out of them at these times. The are other times of the day that you should use supplements but none more important than pre-workout and post-workout.

Top Pre-workout Supplements

These supplements will give you energy, endurance, focus, and strength during your workouts. If you’re having better workouts, you’re going to change your body faster and reach your goals faster. All pre-workout supplements contain a combination of amino acids, caffeine, B vitamins, herbal extracts, creatine, and sometimes other vitamins.

The truth is no matter which pre-workout supplement you use, your going to see good results if you use it correctly. If you’ve never used a pre-workout formula before, you’re going to be surprised at how effective they are for enhancing energy and building muscle.

The four supplements below are the most popular and effective pre-workout supplements on the market. I only recommend what I see as “the best” supplements. Each of these supplements contains quality ingredients.

Best Pre Workout Supplements:

1. MusclePharm Assult
2. BPI 1MRR 
3. Beast Mode – Beast Sports Nutrition
4. Cellucor C4

Top Post workout Supplements:

Post-workout supplements, for the most part, include protein powders and amino acids. It’s important to use a protein powder that contains different forms of protein along with carbohydrates for post-workout recovery. Your body cannot recover with protein alone. Adding glutamine and BCAA’s along with egg and casein protein to your post-workout shake will improve and speed up recovery allowing you to get back into the gym sooner.

Post-workout is the most important time to drink your protein shake. Without it, your body will begin to break down muscle rather than build it up. For the following day and a half after your workout, your body is still recovering and building new muscle. If you don’t give it what it needs, this building and recovery process stops. That’s why nutrition is such a vital part of working out. With that being said, these are the best supplements to take post-workout so that you are giving your body everything it needs to recover.

Best Post-workout Supplements

1. Optimum Platimun Hydrobuilder – All in one supplement, contains added glutamin, BCAAs and creapure creatine
2. Cytosport Monster Milk – Another strong all-in-one
3. Optimum Pro Complex
4. 100% Natural Oats and Whey

The first two options above are supplements that contain added glutamine, BCAAs and creatine. If you only wanted to take two workout supplements, pick one of those first two options and one of the pre-workout supplements listed above. Add a good multivitamin to that combination and you’re all set to make some serious gains and burn some serious fat!

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