Six Star Testosterone Booster

Six Star Testosterone Booster

Six Star has a new testosterone booster on the market. As I’ve said before, I am a fan of the Six Star supplement line because they make quality supplements and provide them at reasonable prices.

Natural testosterone boosters are made with a variety of different ingredients from herbal extracts to vitamins and minerals to amino acids. Some of the most common ingredients used in natural testosterone boosters include Zinc, Magnesium, Boron, Saw Palmetto Extract, Tribulus Terrestris, and Fenugreek.

Each of these ingredients may have the ability to naturally stimulate the body to produce more testosterone. Most testosterone boosting supplements will use one of these as their main ingredient. The active ingredient in Six Star’s testosterone booster is Boron.

What is Boron?

Boron is a trace element mineral found in dietary sources such as fruits and vegetables that was popular in the past for its ability to possibly boost free testosterone levels. It appears Boron supplements may be making a comeback in the bodybuilding world.

The other two ingredients in Six Star’s Testosterone Booster are Rhodiola and Ginko Biloba. Rhodiola is used for improving mood, increasing physical performance, and reducing fatigue. Ginko Biloba is most commonly used to improve cognitive activity. These two ingredients may help this supplement be a more effective bodybuilding supplement but are not known to increase testosterone. Boron is the only ingredient in this supplement that may have that benefit.

Does it Work?

While some sources, including the Six Star website, say that there are studies proving that boron can significantly increase free testosterone levels in 7 days, there are also sources, such as the Natural Institute of Health, that say that Boron may be ineffective as a bodybuilding supplement. Most sources agree, however, that there is not enough evidence to say definitely that boron is or is not effective for bodybuilding.

While boron may increase testosterone, it may also increase estrogen. Any substance that increases free testosterone can also increase estrogen, to a degree, because estrogen is a metabolite of testosterone. With that said this should not be a major concern. Unless your using anabolic steroids you don’t need to worry too much about gynecomastia. It’s just something to keep in mind while taking testosterone boosters in general. They all have the possibility to aromatize, to some degree.

Is Six Star’s Testosterone Booster Safe?

Boron is a safe supplement, however, those with kidney disease shouldn’t take it because it’s difficult for the kidneys to flush out. Also, large quantities of boron are not safe and can cause skin inflammation and peeling, convulsions, headaches, diarrhea, and vomiting. So, if you do take a boron supplement like the one Six Star offers for increasing testosterone, be sure not to use more than the manufacturer recommended dosage.

Six Star’s Testosterone Booster is probably the least expensive test booster you will ever find, selling for between $10-$20 per bottle depending on where you purchase it. It is available at select Wal-Mart locations and select online retailers.

With everything in mind I can recommend Six star’s Testosterone booster for three good reasons:

1. It’s safe (as long as it’s used as directed)
2. It’s a great value
3. Boron has been used to boost testosterone for decades and many bodybuilders today still swear by it

  • Matt Colling

    Six star has two versions of the testosterone booster the pill form and a new fruit punch flavored powdered for ( which doesn’t taste anything like fruit punch more like licking dirt ). They only share one ingredient, which is boron, the powder having twice the amount as the pills per serving. What I would like to know is are they safe to take on the same day of should you only stick with one version of the booster?

  • nas

    is this a natural test booster and do i need to cycle off of it after a month. is there something i need to take after i cycle off of it or am i cool, once done….i always read that after cycle you need to take something else , i cant remember the name…

    • admin

      When taking anabolic steroids you need complete whats known as PCT or post cycle therapy. This is because natural testosterone production ceases when synthetic hormones are being introduced to the body. This is the body attempting to regain homeostasis.

      The Six Star testosterone booster, which contains the trace mineral boron, boosts natural testosterone production rather than replacing it. This means you do not need to cycle off or complete any post cycle therapy when you stop taking it. In fact boron itself is sometimes used as post cycle therapy for bodybuilders coming off steroids.

      Testosterone boosters like Six Star’s are not nearly as powerful as anabolic steroids but they are much, much safer.

  • Anonymous

    how much should I take daily

    • admin

      One bottle has 60 caps. Serving size is 2 capsules, providing 5 mg of active Boron. I would suggest taking 1-2 servings daily

  • Carl

    Hi I was wondering when do I take the pills? Do I take them before a workout or after a workout? Or do I just take the pills daily to help boost my test and strength levels?

    • admin

      Taking test boosters daily will do the trick, as they are meant to slowly and steady increase natural the production of testosterone.. however taking them before workouts won’t hurt

  • Bling

    Hi I was wondering if David Hammond could share what it feels like when gyno kicks in as he described, so that we could be on the lookout for it -with ANY test booster. What does that “feel” like David?

  • david hammond

    In the study I read there was an increase of 29 percent testo and a decrease of 34 percent in estrogen also it keeps your peak cotisol levels very low sounds like a win win I’m on day five of the six star test booster along with thier NO FURY and I have a very nice feeling of well being and my cognitive function is way up and I can tell my testosterone is increasing and I know what test feels like because I’ve taken enthanate test by injection I also know how it feels when gyno kicks in and so far nothing on that end. So far I’m impressed, especially for the price.

    • admin


      Thanks for your comment. It means a lot coming from someone who’s done a test cycle before.

    • Bling

      Hey David could you share what it “feels” like when gyno kicks in, especially when using a Test booster? Thanks.

  • james

    does the six star test boosters have estrogen blockers in the formula

    • admin

      Hi James,

      The Six Star formula doesn’t include any estrogen blockers. If you’re looking for a testosterone booster with estrogen blockers you might want to try something more like Universal Animal Test orUniversal Animal Stak

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