Six Star Nutrition

Six Star Nutrition

If you’re someone who likes MuscleTech supplements, but can’t afford their steep price tag, then Six Star Nutrition is for you. Six Star is a brand from the makers of MuscleTech that produces the same quality supplements at much lower prices.

You know their prices are good, otherwise they wouldn’t be sold at Wal-Mart. Six Star produces a small selection of supplements that fall into the workout and bodybuilding niches. They have protein powder, creatine, pre-workout formulas, vitamin packs, amino acids, and a new testosterone booster supplement. I have used their creatine powder and their protein powder and both of them work quite well.

Six Star Creatine

The Six Star Professional Strength Creatine is a blend of three different types of creatine; monohydrate, phosphate, and pyruvate. In the powder form they also add BCAA’s, nitric oxide (arginine), and taurine. The only thing I don’t like about the powder is that is has 42 grams of sugar per scoop. Luckily, they also make a pill form that doesn’t have any sugar. It’s just the creatine blend with a little added l-carnosine.

Six Star Professional Strength Whey Protein

Six Star makes a few different protein varieties. They make a whey isolate, a whey protein plus, which is just whey isolate and concentrate combined, a weight gainer,a  casein protein, a protein milkshake, and a protein shot. They are all pretty similar. Some have more sugar and fat than others and some taste better and have more calories but they’re all whey protein powders (except the shot).

I’ve tried the whey isolate and the whey protein plus. Both of them taste really good. I never really got into all the hype of Muscletech supplements because they seem to be coming out with a new supplement every week and many of them are packed with sugar and come at a high cost.

I actually find their Six Star Nutrition line much more attractive, simple, and less expensive. Six Star doesn’t have a thousand supplements to choose from; only the ones you need– which actually work, and they’re at reasonable prices!

It just goes to show you how much Muscletech is overcharging for their supplements. We know that they are still making a good profit selling them at the Six Star prices which are far lower than the Muscletech prices. Don’t buy into the hype of every new supplement that comes out. If you need some help deciding which workout supplements actually work and which ones you should be taking, check out my complete bodybuilding supplement guide.

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