SciVation Xtend Review

SciVation Xtend Review

The intra-workout supplement Xtend by Scivation is a combination of various amino acids that are designed to aid in recovery and workout performance. This is one of the most effective workout supplements available, in my opinion. It is especially useful for those who are looking to build muscle and it will provide much faster recovery times for workouts of any kind.

The ingredients in Xtend are nothing special or unique, rather they are the same amino acids we have known to provide results for many years. Xtend just did a great job of combining these amino acids in efficient proportions while making them taste really good.

Let take a look at what goes into X-tend:

First we have BCAAs. This group of amino acids are necessary for protein synthesis and the body cannot produce them, so supplementing them is a must. One of the main problems with supplementing most capsule form BCAAs is that its hard to get a sufficient dose because capsules usually don’t even provide a full gram per serving. This is why powdered form BCCAs are preferable, however most BCAA powders taste so bad that many people can’t even stomach them. This is where Xtend shines; It tastes amazing and you get a full 7 grams of BCAAs per servings!

Next we have glutamine. Glutamine is necessary for muscle growth and recovery and the body needs more glutamine than it can make while under stress. Since working out puts extra stress on the body, supplementing it to prevent muscle breakdown is highly important. Xtend incorporates 2.5 grams of glutamine into their formula. By combining glutamine and BCAAs together, Xtend has taken arguably the two most important and effective natural bodybuilding supplements and put them into one great tasting blend.

Xtend is already a great intra-workout formula with just the BCAAs and glutamine but they also add electrolytes which are very important for keeping the body properly hydrated and balanced during physical exertion and B vitamins which provide long lasting, clean energy.

I recommend taking this supplement, not only as an intra-workout supplement, but also before and after workouts and various times throughout the day to further promote muscle growth and recovery. It should be taken on an empty stomach, because this will allow for maximal absorption of the amino acids.

Out of 1567 reviews on Xtend received an incredible 9 out of 10, making it one of the highest rated and 7th best selling supplement on a site with thousands of products. There is no doubt that Xtend is a winning formula. I’m just surprised nobody came out with a supplement like this sooner. If you haven’t tried Xtend yet you’re missing out!

Top 10 reasons why X-tend is a smart choice:

1. It includes BCAAs
3. It includes glutamine
3. It includes electrolytes
2. It tastes great
3. Users love it and its one of the highest rated supplements on many sites
4. You’ll save money because it incorporates all these important supplements into one
7. It will simplify your supplement routine
8. It will improve your workouts and help you recover much faster
9. It is a top selling supplement that is very reasonably priced
10. Many top bodybuilders use it as part of their supplement regimen

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