Relacore Review

Relacore Review

Relacore is another weight loss supplement that advertises on TV and spends big money doing so. The makers of this supplement claim that it specifically targets belly fat brought on by stress. They also claim that Relacore is the most popular belly fat pill over the last five years. I don’t know where this statistic comes from, but it’s irrelevant unless Relacore really does what it says.

So How Does Relacore Work?

Relacore is supposed to work by reducing high cortisol levels associated with stress. Cortisol is a stress hormone that increases blood sugar, suppresses the immune system, increases blood pressure, reduces bone density, and causes muscle breakdown. As you can see, cortisol is not something you would want elevated in your system, especially if your trying to reduce body fat.

So, yes, keeping cortisol levels low would stop one from gaining extra body fat, however, it will not burn or reduce the body fat that is already present. It will also have no effect on other factors like diet and exercise, which are the primary tools that should be used to lose weight. Furthermore, the claim that it targets belly fat is unsubstantiated.

Let’s see what’s in Relacore to determine whether it has any value as a weight loss supplement. The main ingredients in Relacore’s “Relacortin” blend are magnolia bark extract and passion flower extract.

Magnolia bark has been used in traditional eastern medicine to treat lung and intestinal disorders and may also have antioxidant properties. There have been few studies done to determine weather it is useful for reducing cortisol levels.

Passion flower is sometimes used as an anxiety and insomnia medication. It works by increasing GABA (gamma aminobutyric acid) in the brain which can lower brain activity and make you feel more relaxed. There have also been very few scientific studies on this herb.

Although these two ingredients together may have a synergistic effect on the lowering of cortisol levels, it does not mean they should be classified as weight loss aids.

There are also other herbs in the “Relacortin” blend but none of them are shown to reduce cortisol levels or aid in weight loss. Besides they do include a a blend of B vitamins which can be useful in increasing the metabolic rate and burning off calories. If there’s any one part of this supplement that contributes to weight loss of increased energy it would be the B vitamins.

What Do the Users Have to Say?

After reading numerous user reviews of this supplement it appears that most people don’t find this supplement effective as a weight loss aid, however, some people did mention that it helped them feel more relaxed and less stressed. So it seems Relacore may be useful, to a degree, as a mood enhancer but not as a weight loss supplement.

My Main Problems with Relacore

First off they don’t list the ingredients in this supplement on their official website. I never trust companies that aren’t transparent about what they’re selling. Secondly, they make many claims about their product which are not backed by any studies, and they even tried to market their supplement as an anti-aging supplement. From the official Relacore website: “Who would have thought that a popular belly fat pill could turn out to be the anti-aging breakthrough of the decade.”

They thought they could cash in on a whole new market here simply because stress (caused by high cortisol levels) is related, not only to weight gain, but to aging as well. This supplement doesn’t even work for what it was originally intended, so why would the same formula work for a different purpose entirely? This is just a classic example of a greedy company trying to cash in everywhere and in every way they can. The FDA has warned the makers of Relacore to stop making exaggerated claims about their products.

When people buy products like Relacore, their trust is eroded in such companies because these products produce nowhere near the results that the makers claim they will.

I would advise against buying Relacore. At about 60 dollars for a month’s supply, this is an easy one to pass on.


  • Nancy

    Would like your general opinion about Shaklee Products. Also, your opinion about their new weight management product called Shaklee 180. It is reported to be the only supplement available that protects lean muscle loss due to the amino acid leucine.


    • admin

      Hi Nancy,

      I would be happy to post a review about Shaklee products. I’ll most likely have time in the next couple days, so check back soon. Leucine is the primary BCAA responsible for protein synthesis but there are other things to consider, which I’ll go into more in the article. Thanks for the suggestion!

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