Protein Complexes

Protein Complexes are mixes of different types of protein. They usual contain whey, casein, and egg proteins. The benefits of having all of these different forms of protein in one powder is that they all have different amino acid profiles and they all have different absorption rates which means your body will benefit uniquely from each of these forms of protein in its own way.

It will also give your body both fast and slow absorbing proteins in a single dose. You’ll get immediate benefits along with the benefits of the slow-absorbing protein which keeps your energy up and your body in a more anabolic state allowing you to build muscle faster.

I have used protein complexes and they are a great addition to any bodybuilding stack.  They are also good if want a very simple supplement plan to just stay in shape. Many people use a good protein complex as their only protein powder and one of their only supplements. A really popular one is Optimum Nutrition’s Pro Complex.

It has a blend of high quality proteins and added amino acids as well. If I had to pick only one supplement to use for gaining and maintaining muscle or for girls to maintain a lean physique, this would be it. It has everything your body needs to build and repair muscle. If you can’t afford to buy all the amino acids plus two or three types of protein powder, then this is your answer. It has the important amino acids and proteins rolled up into one product, which means you save money and simply your life.

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