P90X Supplements

P90X Supplements

P90X is a great series of workout videos that has helped countless people get into amazing shape. Beach Body, the company that produces this video series also has a line of workout supplements for recovery, energy, and nutrition. P90X did so well that Beach Body decided to cash in on its popularity and came out with a line of their own supplements which they promote at the end of their videos.

I have no problem with companies branching out and selling additional products to increase profits, as long as they are quality products sold at a good value. Beach Body’s line of supplements does not meet either of these qualifications. It’s really a shame because they came out with such unique, high-quality videos. Their supplements, unfortunately, are nowhere near the quality level of the P90X video series. Let’s look at the supplements they offer:

P90X Results and Recovery Formula

At an incredibly expensive 2.00/serving, the P90X Results and Recovery Formula is developed especially as a post-workout drink. Post-workout drinks are most effective if they contain both whey protein and some carbohydrates. The whey protein goes to work immediately, rebuilding torn muscle fibers and the carbohydrates replenish the body’s glycogen stores. Glycogen is a molecule that provides secondary long-term energy storage.

These stores are depleted after strenuous exercise and must be replaced in order for the body to begin the recovery process. The Results and Recovery Formula does contain both carbohydrates and protein, but not in very effective amounts. It contains 10 grams of protein and 46 grams of carbs/serving, 26 of which are sugar. Not only is this not enough protein, but it’s way too much sugar. These numbers should be reversed.

The first two ingredients in this powder are dextrose and maltodextrin. Both of these are cheap filler carbohydrates. If you’re going to drink all those carbs and sugar, you’re much better off drinking a glass of orange juice. The form of whey protein used is whey concentrate, which less expensive to produce and of lower quality than whey isolate. Why in the world does this stuff cost so much when the first three ingredients on the label are incredibly inexpensive to produce?

One sneaky, unethical thing they do is add creatine to this stuff. Not everybody wants to take creatine, or can even tolerate it for medical reasons. The reason they add it is because creatine monohydrate is a cheap and very effective supplement for size and strength gains, as well as recovery benefits.

If you’ve never taken creatine before and start using this stuff, you’re likely to see great results and continue using it without realizing that the results have little to do with this lousy post-workout formula and more to do with the creatine. If you want to take creatine, you can buy it yourself for much less than what they’re charging here.

This supplement has received a lot of complaints from users about the taste. Apparently they did have a good-tasting formula in the past, but they changed it, and now many people hate it. It shouldn’t be that hard to make a recovery drink taste good when your using 26 grams of sugar per serving.

Chocolate milk is a much better post-workout drink, and it costs less!  As for the creatine, you can buy your own powder and mix it in your chocolate milk and have a far superior workout drink, that costs a fraction of what the P90X Results and Recovery Formula does.

P90X Energy and Endurance Formula

The Energy and Endurance Formula is a pre-workout supplement that contains B vitamins, arginine, Beta Alanine, caffeine and a few herbal extracts. As far as pre-workout supplements go, it’s decent. Its main faults are that it doesn’t have enough arginine to be effective and its way too expensive.

It’s over a dollar per serving. Yes, there are some other good pre-workout supplements that are in this same price range, but this one is just too average to cost this much. I recommend Jack3d. At around 60 cents per serving, it’s one of the most popular and effective pre-workouts available.

P90X Peak Performance Protein Bars

The P90X Peak Performance Protein Bars have 16 grams of sugar/serving, around 200 mg of sodium/serving, and the main ingredient is soy protein. Soy Protein is a big no-no for muscle building (especially for males). Whey protein is far superior and should be the primary ingredient in any high quality protein bar.

These protein bars are not the nutrition you want when you’re trying to look great. One of these protein bars along with one serving of the Results and Recovery drink is already more sugar than you should be eating in an entire day if your trying to burn fat or lose weight. In addition to that, they cost a about $2 per bar. You can find far superior protein bars for around the same price.

P90X Peak Health Formula

The P90X Peak Health Formula vitamin pack is a 30-day supply of vitamin packs for $43. That is an insanely expensive price for a multivitamin pack. This one does have a good list of vitamins and nutrients, but is not worth anywhere near what they want you to pay for it. Instead, I recommend Optimum Nutrition’s Opti-men for men and Opti-women for women. This multivitamin has an even more impressive list of ingredients and only costs $24 for a two months supply.


It is actually a very poor move on the part of Beach Body to sell these sugary supplements to their customers because they work against the fitness goals that their customers are trying to accomplish.  Consequently, people that worked so hard may assume that the P90X program doesn’t work well when the body they dreamed of doesn’t happen, when in actuality it’s a result of consuming all their sugary supplements.

Beach Body seriously needs to re-evaluate their supplement line. It’s possible to make great-tasting, high quality, affordable supplements that aren’t loaded with sugar. Optimum Nutrition consistently does it. If you’re looking for some serious supplements that supply the nutrition you need at a great price, Optimum is one of the best.

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