Nitric Oxide Supplements

Nitric Oxide Supplements

Arginine is an amino acid that your body can readily convert to nitric oxide. Higher levels of nitric oxide open up your blood vessels so that more blood can flow to your muscles. There are different types of nitric oxide supplements which are marketed for different purposes. The thing they have in common is that the main, or most important ingredient, in all of them is arginine.

There are pre workout supplements that contain arginine, creatine, caffeine, b vitamins and other stimulants, and there are sexual performance enhancers that contain arginine, with libido boosters like horny goat weed. Arginine will increase blood flow to any part of your body that you’re using and will thus improve performance. Preworkouts help you keep your focus in the gym while giving you more energy and endurance and more strength and pumps.

One of my favorite pre-workout formulas is Jack3d. It is a clean, simple formula without  artificial ingredients. It gives great endurance and strength and you don’t get the jitters. On top of that, it’s a great deal. A lot of pre-workouts will charge you an arm and a leg, whereas you can buy Jack3d for around .60 cents per serving and it’s the number #1 rated pre-workout on most supplement sites. Of course, there is a ton of pre-workouts out there and some people like to change it up so that their bodies don’t get too used to one kind. Personally, I like this method as well. I would still recommend starting out with Jacked.

You can also just buy pure arginine if you don’t want any other ingredients. If you like to get a big pump in the gym but you don’t want any other ingredients like caffeine in your system, argine can be purchased in pill or powder form. The most cost effective way to buy arginine is by itself. Personally, I have tried both the pills and the powder. The powders have a very strong taste that is pretty hard to swallow. For this reason, I would recommend the pills.

Optimum Nutrition Nitric Boost is the best deal. Optimum makes amazing products at better prices than you will find anywhere. Its no wonder they are the #1 selling brand on most sites. You should take at least 5 grams of arginine about 30 minutes before working out. It is also very effective to take with your protein shake because when you increase blood flow as you’re putting nutrients into your body, more of those nutrients will be delivered directly to your muscles. The most effective times to take arginine is with protein and before your workouts. Be careful not to take it with junk food because it will work in the same way and become a delivery system for the junk food. Arginine can actually work against you in this way.

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