HMB Supplement

HMB Supplement

What is HMB

HMB, which stands for Hydroxy Methylbutyrate, is a metabolite of Leucine (which means it is formed when the body breaks down leucine) which is one of the three branched chain amino acids that’s necessary for muscle growth. It is a completely natural and safe supplement that is produced in the body in small amounts, about .2 – .4 grams per day.

HMB Benefits

There have been sufficient studies done on HMB and most of them show that the supplement has the ability to aid in muscle building and muscle retention.

The scientific studies done on HMB show that it can increase muscle mass, decrease muscle breakdown, and speed up muscle recovery time after workouts.

HMB has also been claimed to aid in fat loss

One study showed that HMB works well when taken with creatine.

HMB Dose

3 grams per day is the recommended amount to get the best results. Splitting the dose into 2 daily servings allows for better absorption rates.

HMB Side Effects

HMB is a completely natural supplement with no known harmful side effects.

HMB Review

HMB is a relatively popular supplement. I have used it myself and can say that I didn’t notice a big difference in muscle gain. I do know people who swear by this supplement, though, and use it as part of their regular muscle building stack.

Many bodybuilders use HMB when they are cutting down and trying to burn fat and maintain their muscle. One of the most popular benefits of HMB is its ability to preserve muscle tissue.

Overall, I decided to spend my money on other supplements that have a more powerful effect on me.  However, you may want to try this supplement as it seems to work very well for some people, especially those who are new to training.

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