Factor 2 Supplement Review

Factor 2 Supplement Review

The new Factor 2 Supplement comes from the makers of Force Factor. If you haven’t already read my review on the original Force Factor supplement, check it out. Here are some claims from the makers of Factor 2:

It will increase lean muscle
It amplifies strength, power and stamina
It provides explosive energy
It enhances nutrient delivery and uptake
It is trusted by professional athletes
It works best when stacked with Force Factor

All of that would be great if it were true. To find out how effective Factor 2 really is, we need to know what goes into it.

Lets take a look at the ingredients in Factor 2:

Vitamins and minerals:

Vitamin C – 100mg
Vitamin B9 (folic acid) -16 mg
Calcium – 600 mg

Proprietary blend totaling 1,285 mg:

Amino acids


Other ingredients

Lovage root

The biggest problem with this supplement is that even if those ingredients were effective they are in amounts that are way too small. The proprietary blend totaling 1,285 mg includes all of the vitamins and minerals as well. The Vitamin C, folic acid and calcium total over 700 mg. That means we are getting just under half a gram of the all the other ingredients combined.

Amino acid supplements are absolutely not effective in doses this low. We’re probably getting 100-200 mg of each of the amino acids and even less of the CoQ10 and Lovage root, which are undoubtedly just on the label for looks. CoQ10 is a good supplement, however in a blend like this when you have no idea how much is actually in the supplement (because they don’t list it) it’s often because they don’t want you to know (because the amount is usually miniscule).

Even though we’ve already determined that this supplement can’t be effective due to the lack of substantial amounts of ingredients, lets take a look at those ingredients anyways to find out if there’s any value at all in this supplement that costs $60 per bottle.

The Vitamins and Minerals

Calcium isn’t known as being an effective workout aid. It doesn’t provide energy, pumps or strength or any of the other things that they promise. It makes no difference in this supplement.

B vitamins are common in pre-workout supplements due to their ability to provide long lasting, clean energy. However a mere 600 mg of one b vitamin will hardly provide any noticeable difference.

Vitamin C is also commonly included in energy/workout blends and it provides many useful functions. 100 mg of vitamin C is an insubstantial amount and won’t provide much benefit, if any.

Amino Acids

L-citruline is a non-essential amino acid that may increase nitric oxide production and delay muscle fatigue.

L-norvaline is a modified form of the branched chain amino acid valine. It has shown the ability to increase nitric oxide production, which may in turn open blood vessels and increase nutrient delivery to muscles.

L-taurine is the most abundant amino acid in the human body. It can aid in keeping energy levels up.

Since they don’t list the amounts on the label we don’t know what proportions these amino acids are in. All we know is that they total around 500 mg. My guess is that the majority of that is taurine and the others are in amounts less than 100 mg each. In any case, there is not enough of any of these amino acids to provide noticeable results.


In essence, I believe that this supplement is a placebo. If you believe it’s working you may experience some of the benefits and if not, you won’t.

There aren’t any ingredients in this blend that will give you any kind of energy or strength, and it definitely will not help you gain muscle. The only function the ingredients in this blend have is to increase blood flow and pumps, but they are in insufficient amounts to do so.

The makers of this Factor 2 supplement will stop at nothing to make money. They try to get you to buy the original Force Factor supplement along with this one. They say that “stacking” the two supplements together makes them more effective. That makes two ineffective, overpriced supplements that are supposed to do exactly the same thing, stacked together. The whole point of stacking supplements is to combine supplements that have different functions to produce better overall results. With everything I’ve seen, I find the company that makes the Factor supplements to be untrustworthy.

Don’t believe the hype about this supplement. It is hype that is created by its makers. If you make a good product you don’t need to go around posting fake positive reviews about it on the internet because the real users will like it and they will say good things. This is not something that is happening with this supplement because people realize that it’s a rip off.


  • Steven

    Too late for me, I bought it before I saw this review so I’ll go ahead use it til it runs out.

    • http://Supplementhelper.com/ Supplement Helper


      Would you mind reporting back in a month or so with your experience using Factor 2?

      • Steven

        Sure, I would be glad to, maybe I’ll get some results from it.

        • http://Supplementhelper.com/ Supplement Helper

          Great! Thanks!

  • Tyler

    Hey man good review, i did alot of research and the conclusion I came to is similar to yours. Its not completely a scam but there are much better products out there for building muscle. My question is are there any pre-workout supplements that actually build muscle? Or is it more your recovery/postworkout stuff like protein and diet. And you said that most of the ingredients are common in actual good supplements, but not enough is used. So how much would you say is effective amounts of said ingredients to really make a difference?

    • admin

      Yes there are much better products for building muscle such as MusclePharm Assault or C4 extreme. Both pre-workouts and recovery drinks are important for building muscle. As far as arginine, you need at least 2 grams per serving to be effective. Other ingredients vary but main the ingredients in preworkout formulas that make them effective are:

      Caffeine or other stimulants
      Amino acids like arginine, BCAAs, glutamine, beta alanine, citruline
      B vitamins

  • jesus

    this helped me a lot, i was about to buy this product and thanks to you i realize that this is a waste of money. What do you recommend to gain muscle???

  • Jose

    Thank you so much for your review i was just on the factor 2 website and then looked at the first review website bodybuilding.com and they were alot of positive review i almost bought it till i saw this thank you so much god bless you.

    • admin

      I’m glad I could help you out Jose!

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