Casein Protein Before Bed

Casein Protein Before Bed

Casein protein powder is a slow acting protein that takes the body longer to digest. This Protein can be beneficial because the protein is in your system longer and slowly being delivered to your muscles, where you want it. The best time to take casein protein is when you know that you’re not going to be eating anything for a while but you need to continue to feed your muscles. Before bed is one of these times. Most people go 12 or more hours without food, overnight, and that is when the body goes into a catabolic state, in which it starts breaking down its own muscle tissue for fuel.

To avoid this catabolic state and keep your body in an anabolic, or muscle building, state you need to have protein readily available for your body at all times. The breakdown of muscle tissue can work against you even more than you may think when your trying to build muscle. It can make it seem impossible to get any bigger or stronger when every night your body is just breaking down the muscle you just worked so hard to build up.

Make your workouts count by getting enough protein and being sure not to let your body ever go into a catabolic state (which usually occurs with 5 or more hours without food). If you take casein protein every night before bed you can help increase your gains and put muscle breakdown to a halt. You will wake up feeling more anabolic and you will be able to continue building muscle on top of muscle without stepping backward.

Best Casein Protein Powder

Optimum Gold standard 100% Casein is an extremely low carbohydrate casein with added glutamine and BCAA’s. It is a good value and one of the only 100% casein proteins on the market. Casein is a little more expensive than whey, but overall you’ll end up spending less money because you’ll only need about 1 scoop once a day before bed. So, a 4 lb bottle of casein should last you a while.

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