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As many of you may be aware has somewhat recently come out with their own line of supplements that are sold exclusively on their website. They still carry all the big name-brand supplements they always have, but now in addition to those you have the option to buy their line of supplements.

This was a really smart business move on their part. Retailing other company’s products can be a very profitable business model but when you have the chance to manufacture your own products and you already have the world’s top supplement website to promote them on, your going to do quite well.


One of the best thing about the line is that the prices are so great. They are essentially cutting out the middle man so they can offer the industry’s lowest prices on many different supplements.


I would expect nothing but the very best quality from line. They have always had great service, the very best selection, fast shipping and low prices. Pretty much all of the supplements have been given outstanding feedback by Bodyspace members. Most of their supplements rank in the 8’s and 9’s (or excellent rating).


As of now they offer 28 different supplements. So while you may not be able to buy every supplement your looking for, you will be able to find many of the most important and effective health, fitness and bodybuilding supplements within supplement line.

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