Best Tasting Protein Powder

The best tasting protein powder to one person may not always be the best tasting to another. However, if you’re looking for a protein powder that most people would agree tastes great, I can give you a few top-notch recommendations.

Top 3 protein powders that make the best tasting protein shakes – ranked in order by taste:

1. BSN Lean Dessert Protein
– This protein powder is what it says it is; A dessert protein. It tastes like dessert and has some pretty decent nutritional benefits as well. With only 3.5 grams of fat, 8 grams of carbs and 2 grams of sugar, it’s one of the healthier dessert proteins out there. It also has a mix of different protein types, including; whey isolate, whey concentrate, egg, milk and casein, that all digest at different rates, which means the protein remains in your system longer.

2.CytoSport Muscle Milk
– Most people say that this protein powder, when mixed with milk, tastes exactly like a milkshake. I guess one reason it probably tastes so delicious is that it has more fat and carbohydrates than many other protein powders. I usually don’t recommend it for this reason, but if your primary concern is taste, give it a try. It’s still a protein powder that will help you build muscle, it just has more fat and sugar than I prefer in my protein powder. They have a large variety of flavors, so it should be easy to find one, or a few, that you really like.

3. Optimum Nutrition 100% Natural Oats and Whey
– This is a great tasting protein powder that is all natural, meaning it has no artificial flavors. There are only 2 flavors; Milk Chocolate and Vanilla Bean. It contains 1.5 grams of fat and 23 grams of carbs and 9 grams of sugar. The carbs in this protein come from oats, so they are high quality carbs that contain 4 grams of dietary fiber. Although this protein still has more sugar than I like in a protein powder, it does have the redeeming qualities of being 100% natural and containing high quality carbohydrates that come from oats.

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