Best Creatine on the Market?

Best Creatine on the Market?

Bodybuilders, gym-rats, and everyone else who’s trying to gain muscle is always looking for the best creatine on the market. That’s because we all know how effective creatine is. Some people are happy staying with good old, reliable creatine monohydrate to make steady gains at very low cost. However, there is an equally large group of people who are fine with paying more for the newest breakthroughs in the creatine world. If you fall into that group read on…

Creatine Hydrochloride

Creatine HCL is a new type of creatine that has become very popular. Like any other type of creatine, it is simply creatine bonded to a hydrochloride molecule. The makers of creatine HCL claim it has better solubility, and therefore can be used better by the body.

Pro Mera Health makes Con-Cret, the most popular creatine HCL supplement. Users of this supplement really seem to like it. With a highly impressive score of 9.1/10 (based on 1500+ user reviews) Con-Cret has become the single most popular creatine supplement on a site that sells thousands upon thousands of bodybuilding supplements. Most users claim it is by far the most effective creatine they have used and that there is no bloating or any other noticeable side effects. The side effects are the main downside to most creatine supplements. I believe the lack of side effects is key Con-Cret’s popularity.

Con-Crete comes in two flavors; blue raspberry and pineapple (which is more popular). There is also an unflavored option. This creatine supplement requires no loading phase and does not need to be cycled, as stated by the manufacturer. This is due to its higher absorption rates and corresponding lower dosage. The cost per serving is around 70 cents making it economical, especially when compared to many other creatine supplements.

Creatine Hydrochloride Side Effects

If any side effects do exist with creatine HCL they would be the same ones you would expect from any other form of creatine, however you’re much less likely to have any side effects with this creatine, if only due to its minimal serving size.


  • Dad

    How come creapure the “best” creatine is not pictured with other creatines you have at bottom of article ? best place to buy ?

    working out every other day getting some results decided to add this to diet

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