Benefits of Drinking Water

Benefits of Drinking Water

Drinking lots of water is so important for anyone who is working to build muscle, lose fat, or both. The human body is made up of as much as 70% water and when you’re dehydrated, it can make it nearly impossible to burn fat or build muscle; Not to mention there is a whole list of negative side effects that go along with not getting enough water. Here are just a few:

1. Fatigue
2. High or low blood pressure
3. Water retention (bloating)
4. Increase in body-fat
5. Build-up of toxins
6. Decreased immune function
7. Breakdown of muscle tissue
8. Dry skin
9. Kidney problems
10. Muscle cramps
11. Headaches
12. Constipation
13. Joint pain

Now, let’s look at the benefits of getting optimal amounts of water into your system:

1. Rids body of toxins
2. Stored water is excreted (bloating will be eliminated)
3. Improves circulation
4. Fat loss made easier
5. Muscles have optimal environment for growth
6. Toxins are removed from liver allowing it to metabolize body fat
7. Protects joints
8. Aids in metabolism
9. Helps the body absorb nutrients better
10. Regulates body temperature
11. Reduced risk of illness and disease (including reduced risk of cancer)
12. Increased energy
13. Better overall health

If you want to get into shape, drinking water should be at the very top of your priority list. This key ingredient is what you may be missing if you’re having trouble losing fat or building muscle. Muscle tissue is comprised of 75% water, so it makes a lot of sense that you need to be hydrated to grow your muscles.

A smart way to stay hydrated is to carry a water bottle around with you all day. I’m sure you’ve probably seen the bodybuilders or really fit people outside of the gym carrying their water jugs around with them. That’s because they understand the importance of drinking lots of water.

When I first started working out, I knew that drinking water was important because I had heard it from many people, but I didn’t really understand how important it was and, consequently, didn’t make it a priority. Let me tell you, once I made drinking water a top priority in my daily routine, it made a HUGE difference. I dropped fat easier than ever before and built muscle with less time in the gym. I felt better and had more energy than ever. I then realized how lacking my water intake had been. It’s truly the easiest, cheapest, and one of the most effective things that you can do to help you lose fat, build muscle, and improve your overall health.

Here are some guidelines for daily water intake, if you are physically active.

Weight/ 1.5 = number of ounces/8 = number of cups daily

Example: 175 lbs/1.5 = 117 ounces/8 = 14.5 cups of water daily

*8 ounces = 1 cup
*16 cups = 1 gallon

I always drink 2 full glasses of water as soon as I wake up and before I eat or drink anything to flush out any toxins and get my body fully hydrated before I start my day. This is a tip I picked up from a great movie called Food Matters.

Keep in in mind these are my personal recommendations for water consumption and that there is no perfect formula for the exact amount of water to drink. Everybody’s body is different and there are many things that can affect the amount of water you may need, such as your health level and how much you exercise.

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