Beast Sports Nutrition Creature Powder Review

Beast Sports Nutrition Creature Powder Review

Beast Sports Nutrition is one of the new break out brands in the bodybuilding world. They have successfully released a line of quality muscle building supplements; one of the most popular being Creature creatine powder. This could be considered a premium creatine blend for two reasons:

1. It contains various forms of proven creatine
2. It uses name brand creatines within the blend


Similar to a few other supplement companies, Beast Sports has included Creapure brand and Creatine Manga-Power brand in their blend. Creapure is a premium pharmaceutical grade creatine monohydrate powder that is often used is creatine matrices and Creatine Magna-Power is a branded creatine magnesium chelate. Creatine magnesium chelate is a new form of creatine in which the creatine molecule is attached to a magnesium molecule. The desired effect is less bloating than other forms of creatine, particularly monohydrate.

The other forms of creatine in this blend include:

Creatine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (AKG)- Creatine bonded to the alpha-ketoglutarate molecule, which in theory transports the creatine into the muscle fiber more efficiently

Creatine Anhydrous – Creatine minus the water molecule, which in theory makes it more pure and efficient than monohydrate

Vanadium Citrate – A metallic element and trace mineral that exists in the human body. Sometimes supplemented by bodybuilders to help restore muscle glycogen and make muscles harder.

In all this formula seems to be pretty cutting edge. It contains some of the latest discoveries in creatine while still including the tried and true classics. The question to you the buyer is “do you mind paying more for a blend of some of the newer stuff or are you happy saving your money and simply buying creatine monohydrate?”

We all know monohydrate is still the gold standard for creatine and probably always will be. Personally I would go with monohydrate every time but I know there are those “creatine junkies” out there that can’t help themselves from buying the newest creatine the industry comes up with. So the real question here is “how effective is it”?


Based on 137 reviews Creature Powder received a 9.4 making it one of the 50 most popular supplements on the entire site. I would say that this counts as evidence that it works quite well. It is not however conclusive evidence that it works any better than Optimum creatine monohydrate, which remains in the top spot for most popular creatine supplement on


The only point I have to mention here is that you can buy pure creatine monohydrate for less than one fifth the price of Creature. Pure Optimum brand creatine monohydrate sells for .09 per serving while Creature powder goes for .50 cents per serving. That’s quite a difference. Still, Creature’s price is in line with most other premium creatine blends.


The only flavor this supplement comes in is citrus. Most users commented on how good the taste of this powder is. A few others didn’t seem to like it much, which is expected since taste is a matter of preference.

Side effects

One of the supposed advantages of creatine matrices like this one are that they cause fewer side effects than creatine monohydrate. The main side effects of monohydrate are bloating and water retention. Most reviews didn’t mention any side effects. My guess is that some will experience mild side effects with a blend like this and most others won’t experience any side effects at all.


If you’re dying to try this new creatine blend then by all means give it a shot, you’ll likely see some good results. If you however prefer to be economical and still see great results then you’ll want to skip this and stick with creatine monohydrate.

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